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Year 6 Virtual School Summer 5

Hello Banksy class and Shonibare,

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable break and are keeping safe. Thank you for all the fantastic pictures you’ve sent us so far. It looks like you’ve been busy!

We have many fun activities planned for you over this half term. Every Monday, we’ll continue to upload new learning for the week ahead. Have a go at completing as many as you can and continue to send us pictures. We really enjoy not only hearing about but also seeing how you are doing.

We would like to hear from you at least once every two weeks. Please email the class email address below:



We look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Arnold and Ms Berry

This week's work


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Over the week, we will be thinking and reflecting back over this extraordinary half term. We will be thinking about the things that we have to be grateful for and saying thank you in hidden notes and by sending letters to those who love and support us.

Yr6 English

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Yr6 Reading su1 wk5
Yr6 Reading – Fiction Answers


Yr6 Spelling and Grammar
Yr6 Spelling and Grammar – Grammar Answers


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This week, we’ll be building on our learning so far as we move onto reflection. You’ll be learning how to read vertices of shapes that have been reflected through the y and x axes, draw and reflect shapes of your own and find missing coordinates.

Yr6 Maths

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Get ready to be creative! This week, we’ll be learning about Vesak – an important festival in the Buddhism and having a go creating some of the decorations used in the festival.

Yr6 RE


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In this lesson, you’ll be taking the lead on your own learning! You will think about what interested you most about the topic ‘The Americas’ and you will find out and explore more. You can choose from some of the suggested activities or create your own!

Yr 6 Topic Overview

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Yr 6 Topic su1 wk5 L7 Resources and Answers


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Today, it is back to the lab to investigate the results and draw some conclusions from our findings about what makes mould grow? You will also learn about the differences between fungi, bacteria and viruses and create one of your very own!

Yr6 Science Overview – Living things and their Habitats

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This week’s Art lesson is here


This week’s French lesson is here


This week’s Wellbeing lesson is here


This week’s Music lesson is here