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Year 5 Virtual School Summer 5

Hello Walker and Lichtenstein,

We hope you enjoyed the learning last week. Remember every Monday, we will be uploading new learning for the week onto this page. Try to have a go at a writing, reading and maths task every day. There will also be weekly learning in science, RE, art, music and well-being.

If you cannot print off worksheets, you will be able to complete the tasks in your exercise books or on any paper. The main thing is that you have a go! Email us your results, we’d love to see it and share any pictures of you doing your projects or work.

We would like to hear from you at least every couple of weeks. You don’t have to send us your work, but naturally we’d love to see it. Please email the class address below:


We can’t wait to see how you are getting on. You can take photos of your work or ask questions, or email a message. We look forward to seeing your fantastic efforts!

Ms Deudney and Miss McGroarty

This week's work


english icon

This week, we’re covering an important part of English genre – the cautionary tale. You’ll be learning how to use characters to set the scene and show everyone how to behave and what happens to those who don’t!

Yr5 English Overview

Extra resources mentioned in the overview

Yr5 su1 wk5 Pig the Pug text


Yr5 Reading

Spelling and Grammar

Y5 Spelling and Grammar


maths icon

Welcome back Year 5 mathematicians,
It’s all about angles this week. How a’cute. We’ll be labelling, estimating and measuring! Enjoy.

Yr5 Maths Overview

Extra resources mentioned in the overview

Y5 Maths su1 wk5 Angle Crossword
Yr5 Maths su1 wk5 Answers


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We’re starting a new topic this week. How has the Christian message survived for over 2,000 years? Let’s explore and find out.

Yr5 RE


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This week we’re going to be looking at Greek myths and monsters. How many do you know? What are the stories behind them and why were they important to the Ancient Greeks? Use your knowledge to design your own mythical creature.

Yr5 History Overview

Extra resources mentioned in the overview

Yr5 History su1 wk5 Medusa the quest of Perseus
Yr5 History su1 wk5 Theseus and the Minotaur


science icon

In our lifecycles learning this week, we’re touching on a special group of animals called amphibians. I wonder how many amphibians you know? Today you’re scientists, recording all the changes you observe in a scientific diary.

Yr5 Science su1 wk 5 lifecycles


This week’s Art lesson is here


This week’s French lesson is here


This week’s Wellbeing lesson is here


This week’s Music lesson is here