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Year 4 Virtual School Summer 5

Hello Monet and Smit class,

Thank you for all of the work you have completed and sent to us. You are doing a great job and we are both super proud of all of you.

This week we have some great learning activities we think you will love. In English we will be spending the week with a story set in World War 2 called The Lion and the Unicorn. Additionally, in reading we will be using our current reads to complete different activities. In Maths, we are learning about number and place value, and we will be throwing in some great reasoning questions to get you really thinking. While in RE, we will be building on our understanding of the Sikh faith and comparing it to Christianity, in Science we will be continuing with our electricity journey and in History, we will learning about the role of women.

If you cannot print off worksheets, you will be able to complete the tasks in your exercise books or on any paper. The main thing is that you have a go!

Please get in touch with us at least once per fortnight by sending a message to the class email address below – this could even just be a quick hello and an update on how you are.


We can’t wait to see your amazing work.

Miss Edwards and Ms Paintsil

This week's work


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The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes is a great story about being brave. We hope that this will inspire you to write a story set in World War 2.

Year 4 English Overview

In reading, you will complete a different comprehension activities using the book you are currently reading.

Year 4 Reading

Spelling and Grammar

Year 4 Spelling


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This week, we will be learning about numbers and place value. We will focus on the use of a place value chart to identify the value of each digit in a number.

Year 4 Maths Overview

Extra resources mentioned in the overview

Yr 4 Maths Su1 Wk5 L4 Rounding
Year 4 Maths Su1Wk5 Answers


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In our final lesson on Sikhism, we will be learning about how Sikhs keep and protect the Guru Granth Sahib. We will also compare the beliefs of Sikhism and Christianity.

Year 4 RE


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Welcome back historians. This week, we will learn about the role of women in WW2. They contributed to helping the war effort and began to take on jobs that they had never had a chance to do before. Find out more.

Yr4 History

Extra resources mentioned in the overview

Yr4 History Su1 Wk5 L1
Yr4 History Su1 Wk5 Activity 2 Table


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In Science, we are continuing our learning of electrical circuits. In this final lesson, you will use your research skills to gather information on your chosen scientist/inventor.

Yr4 Science Overview


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