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Year 1 Virtual School Summer 5

Hello Kahlo and Stowasser,

We hope you enjoyed last week’s learning activities on multiplication and enjoyed creating your very own butterfly guides. This week, Mr Knight has been trying to remember how to play the clarinet, while Miss Nakkas is continuing to improve her French and knitting skills; she has also now signed up to a sign language course.

Welcome to our Virtual School for this week. We can’t believe how fast this half of the summer term is going. We have really enjoyed receiving all of your impressive learning! We are very proud of you all! We are especially in awe of the kind acts we have been reading about. Lots of you have been telling us how much you are helping out at home whether it’s by helping to cook, to read to siblings or doing daily household chores. The activities you’ve sent this week have been amazing. You helped us count in 2s, 5s and 10s and explained the difference between odd and even numbers. We really enjoyed your creative and fact-filled butterfly guide books!

We were also in awe of your will power and strength when it came to the temptation challenge we set you as part of your RE work on the Lord’s Prayer – resisting sweets and chocolate is very challenging! We are nearly coming to the end of our science half-term project on animals. Mr Knight is very proud that so many Year 1 scientists sorted out the animals into groups using ‘because’ to explain why. Miss Nakkas is very excited for the next two sessions because you’ll be learning about the food animals eat and even design your very own animal!

We have uploaded this week’s learning and can’t wait to see your work! Remember, try to do a learning task every day. There will also be some interesting tasks in science, geography and RE, as well as weekly art, music, French and well-being.

If you cannot print off worksheets, you will be able to complete the tasks in your exercise books or on any paper. The main thing is that you have a go!

Please continue to email us once a week using our class email addresses below:

We can’t wait to see how you are getting on. You can take photos of your work or just email a message. We look forward to seeing your fantastic efforts!

Miss Nakkas and Mr Knight

This week's work


english icon

The week you will be using rhymes and adjectives to create your own shape poem inspired by a picture of teapots!

Yr1 English


Yr1 Reading

Yr1 Reading Su 1 Wk 5 L2
Yr1 Reading Su1 Wk 5 L3


Yr1 Phonics


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This week you will be learning more about how to divide using sharing and finding fractions.

Yr1 Maths
Yr1Maths Resource


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We will be continuing to learn about the Lord’s Prayer. We will focus this week on praise.

Yr1 RE


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In Geography, you will be describing hot and cold places in the world.

Yr1 Geography
Yr1 Geography Su1 Wk5 Resource


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We are continuing our learning about animals! Lesson 5 and 6 this week. You’ll be learning about what animals eat and you’ll even get to design your very own animal.

Year 1 Science Overview


This week’s Art lesson is here


This week’s French lesson is here


This week’s Wellbeing lesson is here


This week’s Music lesson is here