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Reception Virtual School Summer 5

Hello O’Keeffe and Stik,
We hope you’ve had lots of fun diving into our under the sea theme last week. We have loved seeing all of the fabulous activities, learning and crafts you’ve been doing. A few of you have even said it was your favourite learning topic so far. It seems that all of those sea creatures made a real splash!

This week our topic is ‘Animals at Home’. This will be woven throughout English, Phonics and Maths lessons. You will have the opportunity to become researchers and gather your own information by asking family members to vote for their favourite pets.

Remember we really love seeing what you’re up to at home so do send any photos or messages you would like to share with us. Of course, if you have other ideas for your learning that you would like to try then please feel free to do so and as usual, send us an email to tell us about what you’ve been up to.

Our class email addresses are written below:


We truly love hearing from you all!

Miss Tyler, Miss Vomero, Mel and Kerry

This week's work


english icon

This week we are writing about animals at home with a special focus on letter formation.

YrR Writing


YrR Phonics Su1 Wk5
YrR Phonics Sum1 Wk 5 Lesson 4 Sound Swap


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This week we are learning about data handling. We will gather our own data (information) about favourite pets and use graphs to show our findings.

YrR Maths Su1 Wk 5


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This week we are learning about ‘Animals at Home’.

YrR Other areas of learning


This week’s Art lesson is here


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This week’s Wellbeing lesson is here


This week’s Music lesson is here