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Year 6 Virtual School Summer 10

Hello Banksy class and Shonibare,

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable week and are keeping safe. Thank you for all the fantastic pictures you’ve sent us so far. It looks like you’ve been busy!

We have many fun activities planned for you. Every Monday, we’ll continue to upload new learning for the week ahead. Have a go at completing as many as you can and continue to send us pictures. We really enjoy not only hearing about but also seeing how you are doing.

We would like to hear from you at least once a fortnight. Please email the class email address below



We look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Arnold and Ms Berry

This week's work


english icon

The Promise is a story inspired by the belief that a relationship with nature is essential to every human being. Over this sequence of lessons, we will draw on the descriptive and figurative language in the story to enhance their own writing.

Yr6 English – The Promise
Yr6 English – The Promise SCANNED IN BOOK


Yr6 Reading

Spelling and Grammar

Yr6 Spelling and Grammar su2 wk5


maths icon

Over the last weeks of the summer term, we’ll be learning about algebra. This week, we’ll be focusing on drawing and writing expressions for simple algebraic formulae.

Yr6 Maths

Yr6 Maths presentation 1
Yr6 Maths presentation 2
Yr6 Maths Answers


maths icon

This week, we will be focusing on human rights related to justice and freedom. Let’s explore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to find out the rights of all children and adults.

Yr6 RE


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This chapter will explore how the Maya were discovered. You will become a historian and learn about primary and secondary sources. You will look at evidence and think about what it tells you about the Maya and create the next chapter of your eBook.

Yr6 Topic Overview

Yr 6 Topic – Exploration and Discovery
Frederick Catherwood Photopack
Yr6 Topic – Resources


science icon

Now that we know the parts of the digestive system we are going to learn about the function of each part. Get involved in the activities and then try out Disgusting Digestion! But beware – it gets messy!

Yr6 Science – overview Animals including humans
Yr6 Science – WwtbaM
Yr6 Science – Digestive System Functions
Yr6 Science – Disgusting Digestion
Yr6 Science – Resources and answers


This week’s art lesson is here .


This week’s French lesson is here.

French- Activity 3
Cafe Song


This week’s music lesson is here.