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Year 5 Virtual School Summer 10

Dearest Walker and Lichtenstein,

We hope you enjoyed the poetry and making graphs last week and we are looking forward to receiving some of your poems for our Year 5 anthology. Remember if you’re not confident about recording your voice you can always send in your poem as a picture. I wonder how many of you have guessed the names of the teachers reading the first four poems. This week you’re going to concentrate on writing a report – how topical!

Please don’t forget to be in touch at least every two weeks so that we know you and your families are safe and well. Don’t worry if we don’t get back to you straight away as we are working at school in bubbles with the year groups that have returned, but rest assured you are very much in our thoughts and we always love to hear from you, no matter what.
Here are the class email addresses:


Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!
Ms Deudney and Miss McGroarty

This week's work


english icon

This week you’re going to become investigator and write a special report investigating what is often called a ’near-miss’ event…Will you be able to stop such a thing happening again with the power or your words?

Yr5 English


Yr5 Reading

Spelling and Grammar

Y5 Spelling and Grammar
Y5 Spelling and Grammar – Wordlist


maths icon

We’re revising our place value this week! It is arguably one of the most important mathematical topics so this week we’ll be recapping what we know to secure our knowledge! Enjoy!

Yr5 Maths
Yr5 Maths – presenttion 1
Yr5 Maths – presenttion 2
Yr5 Maths – presenttion 3
Yr5 Maths – answers


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We’ll be continuing our exploration of how has the Christian message survived for over 2,000 years by looking at message passing…

Yr5 REbq.


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In lesson 4, you’ll be researching and reviewing information about volcanoes and earthquakes and if you get things right you may be in for a tasty reward!

Yr5 Topic – Overview
Mountain Ranges and Rivers
Yr5 Topic – Volcanoes and Earthquakes


science icon

It’s the turn of the ‘Gas Giants’ this week – In lesson 3. What will you be able to find out about our neighbourhood giants this week in science? I wonder if you can find out which planet is thought to have diamond rain.

Yr5 Science – overview – Earth and Space


This week’s art lesson is here .


This week’s French lesson is here.

French- Activity 3
Cafe Song


This week’s music lesson is here.