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Year 4 Virtual School Summer 10

Hello Monet and Smit class,

Welcome back! We are excited about the learning we’ve planned for you all this week. We have engaging activities to develop your skills and knowledge. A quick reminder that you are doing a great job and we are both super proud of all of you.

Remember, we would like to hear from you at least once per fortnight so please send a message to the class email address below – this could even just be a quick hello and an update on how you are.

If you cannot print off worksheets, you will be able to complete the tasks in your exercise books or on any paper. The main thing is that you have a go!


We can’t wait to see your amazing work.

Miss Edwards and Ms Paintsil

This week's work


english icon

In writing this week, we are continuing with The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and will be meeting the Beavers!

Year 4 English – Overview
Yr4 – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

In reading, you will complete different comprehension activities based on an information text about The Moon.

Yr4 Su2Wk5 Comprehension (Bronze)
Yr4 Su2Wk5 Comprehension (Silver)
Yr4 Su2Wk5 Comprehension (Gold)

Spelling and Grammar

Year 4 Spelling


maths icon

This week, we will be learning about the formal written method of division. We will also focus on what happens when there are remainders.

Yr4 Maths – Overview
Yr4 Maths – L4 Word problems
Yr4 Maths – Answers


maths icon

We are going to learn from a unit of work called ‘Nature and Us’. This week we are going to think about inspirational figures and their ideas on how to change the world.

Year 4 RE – Overview


science icon

In Science, we are continuing our learning on teeth. In this lesson, we will explore how to prevent tooth decay.

Yr4 Science – Overview

Year 4 Science – L2 Poster
Year 4 Science – L2 Gold Activity

Year 4 Science – L3 Teeth

Year 4 Science – L4 Poster

Year 4 Science – Answers


This week’s art lesson is here .


This week’s French lesson is here.

French- Activity 3
Cafe Song


This week’s music lesson is here.