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Year 2 Virtual School Summer 10

Hello Kusama and Van Gogh class,

It was fantastic to see so many of you on our Zoom call last Friday! Please continue to send us your terrific work because it brightens our days.

Remember, we would like to hear from you at least once per fortnight so please send a message to the class email address below – this could even just be a quick hello and an update on how you are.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you all,
Miss Wetz and Miss Wilson

This week's work


english icon

It’s one of Miss Wetz’s favourite topics– The Great Fire of London! We will be learning all about the infamous fire over the next two weeks, using a beautifully illustrated book to find facts about this terrible tragedy.

Yr2 English – Overview
Great Fire of London


Yr2 Reading – Differentiated

Yr2 Spelling and Grammar
Yr2 Spelling and Grammar – SPaGMat
Yr2 Grammar – ing Suffix
Yr2 Grammar – Suffix Board Game


maths icon

We will be practising addition again in maths so that we feel really prepared for adding in Year 3! This time looking at adding 3 numbers together, and using the quick and useful partitioning method.

Year 2 Maths – Overview
Year 2 Maths – L4 Workbook


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In RE, we will be reading the powerful story of the Baptism of Jesus and thinking about why this event is so significant to Christians.

Yr2 RE – Overview


science icon

From the Golden Gate in San Francisco to Tower Bridge in London, bridges are amazing feats of engineering. This week, you’ll be testing which materials can be used to make a strong and sturdy bridge before designing your very own.

Yr2 Science – Overview
Yr2 Science – PowerPoint


This week’s art lesson is here .


This week’s French lesson is here.

French- Activity 3
Cafe Song


This week’s music lesson is here.