Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Learning at St John's and St Clement's

English – English literacy is at the heart of our learning and teaching and essential to every area of the curriculum. It is through literacy that concepts are formed and we are able to make sense of the world and our place in it. High-quality texts are at the centre of our English curriculum and are used to stimulate and engage the children. Children are encouraged to read for pleasure and understand that we learn to read for a purpose. Whilst there are specified times for reading, in Guided Groups, children are reading within all of their lessons. Children explore ideas to enrich their writing through drama, art, music and educational visits. As part of the writing, process children are taught to reflect on, edit and improve their writing and its presentation.

Phonics – Children from Reception to Year 2 are taught according to the Letters and Sounds programme. Daily phonics lessons directly follow the phases and teaching programmes detailed in Letters and Sounds. Lessons include revision of previous learning, teaching of new sounds/ tricky words, and application of new skills. It is an active, multi-sensory session and in the early years, Jolly Phonics actions are used to help children remember the sounds. Children are taught how to read and write graphemes and apply these skills to their independent reading and writing. Some children will receive additional support in class, in addition to whole class phonic sessions.

Mathematics – Maths is an important life skill. We want our children to be confident mathematicians who are able to use and apply their learning and to understand that it is fine to make mistakes along the way. They are given lots of opportunities to discuss, explore, practice and apply mathematical concepts. Here is our calculation policy which shows how the four operations are taught in the school. Calculation Policy
Science- Our science curriculum encourages children to grow into independent and inquisitive thinkers who have the skills to ask questions, research answers, observe closely, present findings, suggest hypotheses for testing and record data. We take every opportunity to give our learning a real-life context by visiting local woods, local and national museums. We explore scientific concepts through cross-curricular themes.
Computing- Computing is integrated across many different lessons. The ICT suite and laptops are used for e-safety lessons, blogging, researching, video editing, coding, publishing documents and much more. The school has a specialist computing teacher who supports the curriculum.

Foundation Subjects – Other subjects are taught as part of the planned projects where possible in order to ensure context for learning. Some aspects of the National Curriculum may not link to planned projects, these will be taught discreetly but still in an engaging manner.

Art – We encourage children’s artistic development from Reception through to Year 6, and we are lucky enough to have a specialist art teacher with a passion for nurturing artistic confidence and originality. The children have plenty of opportunities to express themselves using a variety of different media, such as clay, paint, textiles, drawing, collage and photography. Children are taught specific art skills and how to use art equipment appropriately. Art is always a cross-curricular activity drawing on and being inspired by other areas of learning such as History, Geography, Science, Maths and different cultures. Visits to art galleries including the Tate Modern, Dulwich Picture Gallery and The National Gallery are important to further inspire and motivate the children.

Music – Music is held in high regard at St John’s and St Clement’s and our specialist music teacher supports all year groups to share her passion for expression through music. We offer a range of wonderful musical opportunities for all children and we encourage them to fulfil their musical potential through individual and group lessons, choir and an on-going calendar of exciting musical events.

PE – We believe that PE is an integral part of the curriculum. The school’s dedicated PE specialist teacher works to ensure children experience various sporting activities and compete at different levels and abilities.

You can view and download the statements for a particular year group within the whole school curriculum overview. Each term we also provide a detailed outline of the term’s focus.