Mathletics logo 100px tight As part of our homework policy, we purchase an online subscription service with www.mathletics.com for all pupils. Mathletics is an online resource with fun and varied activities that will reinforce your child’s learning. Every child has individual login details that will allow them to access Mathletics from any computer (PC or Mac) that has internet access. Please email the office or your child’s class teacher (office@sjsc.southwark.sch.uk) if your child has lost their login details.

Each week the children will have

  • a reading book along with a reading record for parents to write in / sign. Books will be changed on a weekly basis. Class teachers will inform parents of which day book changing happens. We are introducing a new reading scheme for Reception to Year 2. Once the children reach a certain level in KS2 they will choose their own books from the book corner. Children in Year 6 will be expected to complete a reading journal entry once a week. This will replace the reading record.
  • maths homework on a sheet. Every week it will include a cover sheet which will explain clearly to parents the learning focus, whether this is a new topic or reinforcement work and suggestions for mental maths practice at home. The maths homework will be marked in detail and then sent home the following week.
  • spellings or phonics although these words won’t be tested. Children should practise using and spelling these words at home. Children will be given a homework folder for maths and spelling sheets.

Each half term the children will have a topic homework project.

  • This will include between 6 and 8 creative activities (some of which will be writing based) for the children to complete, with or without parental help.
  • There will also be a whole school challenge set.
  • Common words for the year group will also be sent home. These are essential words which children must learn to spell.
  • The children will be given a blank exercise book to complete their homework project in.
  • Completed homework projects will be due in just before half term and the projects will be shared in class and in good work assembly.
  • Teachers will comment on and reward completed homework projects.