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Southwark Local Authority provides FREE healthy school meals for all children from Reception to Year 6.

Dietary requirements

If your child has an allergy or an intolerance, please alert the school office (

We welcome feedback on school lunches. Please use the email above.

School Lunch Provision

We are thrilled with our new school lunch provider Harrison Catering Company.

Harrison’s say:

“With decades of industry experience in the management team, our beliefs are simple:

  • Every client is unique
  • Fresh food tastes better
  • Good food needn’t cost more

The Harrison ‘food with thought’ proposition is centred around the on-site preparation and cooking of top quality meals made with at least 90% fresh ingredients.

A healthy diet is particularly important to growing children and young people. It can not only have an effect on their physical development, but on their performance in the classroom.

Harrison is committed to providing balanced meals that meet school food standards and to helping to educate students on how to make healthier food choices.

Our focus on fresh food means that only minimal amounts of fried or processed foods appear on our menus—generally in the form of much-loved British favourites like fish and chips. We also aim to maximise access to fruit and vegetables by offering a choice of cooked vegetables, salads, healthier snacks and fresh fruit daily. Every egg we use is British-sourced and free range and the majority of our meat is British-sourced as well.”

The children are impressed with their new lunches. They say, “the best cake ever”, “double thumbs up”, “I love these lunches”, “best fish I’ve ever had”. The children are especially pleased with their new porcelain plates and bowls and amazing salads.

The menus are carefully constructed to provide a healthy, balanced meal which complies with the new school food standards which became mandatory in January 2015. See School Food Standards website.

Healthy Schools London

We have been awarded a Healthy Schools London Bronze Award for our commitment to healthy lifestyles through sport, personal, social and health education, healthy school meals and our commitment to wellbeing for pupils and staff.

What is Healthy Schools London?

Healthy Schools Award   Bronze

Healthy Schools London is a programme that supports London’s schools to provide an environment and culture that helps their pupils grow up to be healthy happy and learn.

With an award scheme sponsored by the Mayor of London, the programme will recognise and celebrate schools that are making a difference for their pupils.

The Healthy Schools London programme will support schools as they work towards these awards, with a network of local coordinators, and a range of resources, tools and advice provided through this website and regular workshops for schools.

What are the benefits to schools of taking part in Healthy Schools London?

Taking part in Healthy Schools London, and working successfully for the tiered awards will enable the school to directly support the health and well-being of its pupils and staff.

An evaluation of the national programme on which HSL is based showed the following tangible outcomes:

  • Increased amount of opportunities that children and young people have to be physically active in and out of schools
  • Increased participation of children and young people in physical activity in and out of school
  • Improved links between schools and communities that promote physical activity
  • Increased school meal uptake including free school meals
  • Improved children and young people’s access to healthy packed lunches and snacks throughout the school day.

The benefits go beyond health. Participating schools have also reported reduced incidence of bullying, improved behaviour and improved attendance. Headteachers have also said that they found the healthy schools programme helpful as a general school improvement tool.

For more information see the Healthy Schools London website.