Education and Health Care Plans

An Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) is a legal document which sets out a description of your child’s needs (what he or she can and cannot do) and what needs to be done to meet those needs by education, health and social care.

Generally, only a very small number of children with especially complex and severe needs – which require very high levels of support – are issued with an EHCP.

What if the school support isn’t working as much as I’d hoped?

After we have reviewed the initial support and strategies we have put in place, if we find that progress has stalled or the provision is not having the desired impact we can adapt the plan or discuss with you the available agencies who can help us. Once agencies have been involved, a plan has been implemented and still progress is less than expected we would discuss the possibility of requesting a statutory assessment (EHCP).

What happens if I am still worried or disagree?

Talking through your concerns or worries with the Inclusion Leader will help to identify what the outstanding concerns or worries are and how we can best help. You can also discuss your concerns with the Headteacher or Deputy Head.

What if I think my child needs more help than the school can provide?

If you or the school believe that your child needs more support than the school can provide either you or the school can request that the local authority carry out a statutory assessment of your child’s needs. This is a legal process which would set out the amount and type of support that will be provided for your child if the borough agrees to provide them with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). EHCPs are now replacing what were once known as statements.

The process of applying for an EHCP:

  • The school will send in a request to the local authority which will have lots of information about your child (from you and the school).
  • The local authority will decide whether they think your child’s needs are complex enough to need an assessment. If this is the case they will ask you and all professionals involved with your child to write a report outlining your child’s needs. If they do not think your child needs this assessment they will ask the school to continue with school-based support.
  • After reports have been sent the local authority will review them and decide whether or not your child needs an EHCP.
  • The Local authority will write the EHCP which will outline support your child will receive from the local authority and how the support should be used.

You can find more about in the local authority’s Local Offer on the Southwark website

What if I disagree with some aspect of the plan?

If you are not satisfied with a Local Authority’s decision about the assessment of your child’s needs you can appeal via SEN tribunal. Parent Partnership are available to help you.