Hearing Resourced Base

Since 1995, there has been a resourced base for hearing impairments at St John’s & St Clement’s for children who have an oral/aural approach to learning. The majority of these children have a Statement of SEN, however in addition to this the Resource Base do accept children with hearing impairments who are known to Southwark Hearing Support Service. There is a qualified Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) and Specialist Hearing Support Assistant (SHSA) available every day at St John’s & St Clement’s Primary School.


Each year there are two places set aside for hearing impaired children who are known to the Southwark Hearing Support Service. Admission forms for children planning to attend Reception are available from the Southwark Council website. Admission forms for all other year levels are available directly through the school. The children who are recommended for these places are placed directly into school as soon as possible.


The pupils of the Resourced Base atSt John’s& St Clement’s are fully integrated and are considered as mainstream students. This means that our children join in their class as much as possible and start and finish off their day in their age appropriate class. Students will follow the National Curriculum where feasible and will use P Scales where appropriate. The Resourced Base students are with their peers as much as possible for majority of curriculum delivery. Furthermore for some curriculum areas, students are streamed according to abilities for numeracy and some for literacy. All students are able to join in on all year level school trips and any extra curricular activities.